Pastors & Staff

Teresa Alley

Senior Pastor

Teresa began serving at Jubilee over 30 years ago. Teresa, along with her husband Bucky we’re a part of the founding leadership at Jubilee as the Associate Pastors and Music ministers. In 2010 they felt led to start their own ministry and during this time sadly Bucky unexpectedly passed away. At that time Teresa came back to our Jubilee family. She has served as the Associate Pastor for the past 9 years. Teresa has always had a passion for the Word of God from the time she was a teenager. She has been through difficult loss but her strength and faith in God comes through in every message she preaches. She is a pillar of hope for the Jubilee family. Teresa has four beautiful daughters, three sons-in-law, and 15 grandchildren. 

Cindy & Kurt Young

Executive Pastors

Kurt and Cindy have been a part of Jubilee’s leadership team for more than 25 years, having served as youth pastors for 20 years. Cindy also serves as Jubilee’s administrator. Kurt serves as Jubilee’s head sound technician. They have both served on the adult praise team from the beginning days of Jubilee. Kurt and Cindy lead the youth praise team and also direct Jubilee’s annual youth camp, SWAT. They are passionate about ministry and leading people to becoming everything God has called them to be. Kurt and Cindy have three adult children from their marriage of 36 years. They have one son-in-law and one precious grandson. 

Mike & Erica Mullinax

Youth Pastors

Mike and Erica met at Jubilee when they attended youth group. They got married in 2006 and now have 4 amazing kids, Emma, Kingston, Presley, and Fender. With a real passion for kids and youth work, Mike and Erica began serving in the children's department at Jubilee before moving into youth work. In 2010, Mike and Erica help start Praise Gathering in Owasso Oklahome at the Youth Pastors under Bucky and Teresa Alley.  After the passing of Erica's father, Pastor Bucky Alley, the two moved back to Jubilee where they now serve as the Youth Pastors of APEX Youth Group.